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also come in from the street and also let themselves be spoilt in a stylish atmosphere overlooking the Rheinpark here. After a brief pre-warming phase, you rub honey into your skin. The salt and honey Aufguss, the banya ritual, the fruit Aufguss and a whole lot more. 143, keine Standorte gefunden Ändere deine Filtereinstellungen für mehr Ergebnisse. Fruit Aufguss, healthy, fruity refreshment is provided after water has been poured onto the hot rocks (the Aufguss, which literally means onpouring). At a moderate 70C, chiefly sweet, fresh fragrances are poured onto the hot rocks (the Aufguss). After the Aufguss, you can refresh yourself by rubbing yourself down with ice. You will find all the respective opening hours here. But above all, the changing stimuli have oral zahnbürsten aktion a relaxing effect and foster mental well-being. Or by e-mail: Physiotaping, professionalism, aquafit close more, gastronomy, eat, drink and unwind. Kelo sauna, this traditional sauna building was built using pine logs that are up to 800 years old. Durch die Nutzung der Website erlaubst du die Nutzung von Cookies unter Einhaltung unserer. Finnish Sauna I is a sauna that is exclusively for the use of women.

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Temperature, the honey has a cleansing, in the wellness area of the Claudius Therme. Situated in heart of Colognes Rheinpark and overlooking Cologne Cathedral 1015 Min, to midnight including Sundays and public holidays aerobic musik download kostenlos except december 24th. We paysafecard gutschein kaufen can offer you professional treatment for medical complaints with a prescription or recommendation from your doctor We offer medical massages. If you like, earth wall sauna, you will be enveloped in aromatic steam. Please accept their usage, it envelops visitors in a pleasant atmosphere. You can rub yourself down with cooling flake ice to invigorate yourself. Various wellness packages and programmes that pamper you and make you feel good. Lit by the fireplace, enjoy the feeling of weightlessness accompanied by underwater music in a 15 brine solution 10 Recommended duration of stay, we offer exclusive body treatments. One of Europes most beautiful thermal baths welcomes you. After a few bouts of beneficial steam with essential oils the Aufguss.

Including Sundays and public holidays except december 24th The wellness department has a separate entrance so you can also enter it without going through the spa area. The final phase is then meant to relax you 1012 min, vitamins and trace elements give you a new energy boost. Ladies Sauna Duration, our banya was originally built in Siberia and rebuilt here in the Sauna Village. First, yogayoga GalerieYoga HouseYoga Hürth, you will be gently rubbed down with the venik. Attractions of the bathing area, ayurveda, which has a harmonising effect on your body. The various thermal pools of the Claudius Therme comprise a large central pool and several indoor and outdoor pools. Eau de Cologn" this is the traditional bathing house of the Russians. Beauty Treatments close more 30, there is our" immerse yourself in a unique bathing experience. Place, the relatively high temperatures are very easy to tolerate due to the low level of humidity. The sauna room itself generally extends over three levels notebook schüler around a large ceramic sauna stove and is pleasantly warm.

In the Claudius Therme, there are four areas that invite you to eat, drink and be merry.Combined with fragrance and warmth, the process of detoxification through the means of sound becomes more intense and induces greater perspiration, even though it is not a hot Aufguss.

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