Take your game to the next level with the fully modular.

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1) Quick Shift Trigger Stops. This guarantees the controller was built by a certified scuf technician; ensuring the controller is legal to use at major tournaments including Call of Duty World League, MLG, Gfinity, ESL, sfco, EGL and more. The scuf key.9mm is included with the scuf Infinity4PS PRO if the trigger system is selected during configuration. Newsletter, connect with us, location, copyright Scuf Gaming International LLC. Every scuf Infinity4PS series controller comes standard with two perfect black scuf thumbsticks. Scuf controller will also give players an edge in sports games like Madden, NBA 2K and fifa or racing epics like Forza and. From fiery red to metallic silver, there are countless options to make sure that each custom controller is perfect for the player using. The scuf Infinity 4PS enables you to express yourself with color, design and functionality on the fly, anytime. Privacy Policy and the use of cookies. Learn about scuf Infinity4PS PRO's Features. Learn about scuf Infinity4PS PRO's Features 179.95, from 149.95, digital Camo. With the subtle metallic highlight, this collection adds a touch of class to any gaming setup. Available in two heights and two shapes: - Rounded and precise, the domed shape is tailored for accuracy. Shells, grips, triggers, thumbsticks, rings, buttons and trims are available in a wide range of colors. Designed with the racing fan in mind, the Carbon Fiber Collection is one of scuf's most stylish line of PS4 controllers. Paddles mimic face buttons and functions, enabling you to increase your skill level and perform more advanced moves in game while keeping your thumbs on the thumbsticks. When you want to play like the best, you rep the best. A series of gorgeous metallic hues, the Prestige Collection takes your average controller colors and makes them shine.

From 159, collection 95, this website and its thirdparty tools require the use of cookies. The control disc is especially effective in fighting games where combos are essential. Shop ALL, esports, collection, this website and its thirdparty tools require the use of cookies. Prestige, dragon, take your game to the next level with the fully modular scuf Infinity4PS PRO. Scuf Military Grade Grip, 5 rabatt amazon endorsed by the Leagues, from 159.

Scuf Infinity 4PS, pRO.Custom, pS4 gaming controller scuf Infinity4PS, pRO.

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The VIP Collection is myprotein gutschein neukunde a game controller collectors dream come true. To ensure optimal performance, with easier to activate diagonals, sCUF Grip. Scuf uses innovative techniques to provide highend shell designs for professional gaming controllers.

Play with 0, 1 or 2 removable paddles.Scuf Grip is similar to material used to coat military equipment, its textured surface covers the entire back of the controller.With its innovative technology and wide range of customization options, a scuf Infinity4PS PRO controller can be used effectively for a wide range of games for PlayStation 4.

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